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A Tribute to Our Canine Veterans

Posted by Tom Shannon on

Tommy, Chief Explosives Detection canine
(Photo: U.S. Coast Guard/Anthony L. Soto)


Today, March 13 we’re celebrating our canine veterans for their service to our country. These well-deserving animals are some of our best-ever four-legged friends who along with their human companions have championed the cause of protecting our troops and freedoms.


Military Dog Training
Known for their loyalty, bravery, and unique skill sets, the United States Military started a dog training program on March 13, 1942, dubbed the War Dog Program or “K-9 Corps” that allowed dogs to become part of the U.S. Armed Forces. This program turned out to be very successful since its inception, several highly trained dogs have since served in dangerous military missions. These dogs have become important members of the military that just like their human counterparts, they too have received award medals and memorial services.


Dog Training in the Military
To remember those who have served, check out this website for photos of military canines who served in the U.S. Military during wartime.


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