Multipet Aroma Dog Fleece Flattie (Assorted Colors) - 19inch


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You and your dog will love this new and exciting line of therapeutic dog toys. Every play and squeak releases a calming, soothing blend of lavender essential oils into the air, helping dogs feel relaxed and happy! Aromadog can help with: separation anxiety vet visits thunderstorms fireworks boredom travel anxiety hyperactivity rescued & adopted pets Aromadog toys incorporate lavender and other relaxing scents, based on essential oils.

When the toy's squeaker is compressed, a precise amount of aromatic blend is released. The millions of receptors in the dog's nasal passages deliver the calming scent to the limbic system in the brain, impacting the emotions. The dog now plays with their toy in a less aggressive, more relaxed, and balanced way, reducing anxiety. The long-lasting scent technology absorbs and delivers natural essential oils without water propellant - just puffs of ambient air. The natural relaxants in the blends help each dog to balance their prey drive and playing instinct in a calm, happy way.

Colors and shapes may vary! 

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