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Garmin Delta Upland Extra Receive and Beeper Green

Regular price $219.99

With 4 hunt sounds (including silent) and 2 point sounds (including hawk scream), the beeper uses the latest in sound technology to achieve more than ¼ mi range to help locate your bird dog and know when it’s on point. And the beeper has a locate feature, even in silent hunt mode. You can push the beeper button on the handheld unit and it will emit a series of tones as long as you’re pressing the button. If you want to hear the beeper only when you lose track of a dog, the locate feature comes in handy. Includes: Delta Upland dog device, beeper (battery included),green ¾" collar strap, charging clip, AC adapter, USB cable,owner’s manual.


  • Lightweight 3 ounces
  • 3/4 inch collar strap
  • 1/4 mile range