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Ethical Colored Plush Mice Rattle & Catnip Cat Toy Assorted 12-pack

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Introduce your feline to a game of cat-and-mouse with the Rattling Catnip Mice from Ethical Pet. These faux-fur rodents entice your kitty's inner bobcat because they're filled with catnip and loaded with an irresistible rattling sound. She'll love stalking, batting and capturing her prey—just like her ancestors. Indulging in that natural behavior may help to prevent boredom and frustration, and can even dodge common behavioral issues. And there are so many ways to play! Scatter them, use them in an interactive toy, or simply hide them around the house. This 12-pack of mice is sure to purr-lease!

  • Small rodent toys inspire your cat's instinct to hunt, encouraging her to bat, kick, paw and capture her colorful reward.
  • Each toy is packed with real catnip, designed to tempt your kitty into playing along.
  • Rattling sound holds her attention by simulating noisy prey and further encouraging her instincts.
  • Each 12-pack is made in assorted neon colors that are easy to spot.
  • Encouraging her hunting instincts may avoid boredom, restlessness and behavioral issues—hide these around the house to provoke her desire to hunt.