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Charming® Grandma Hippie Chick -Large

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Meet Grandma Hippie Chick, Mother of the famous Henrietta Hatched on a Kentucky farm, Grandma Hippie Chick flew the family coop pursuing her dream of becoming a flower child. Barefoot, beaded and playing music on street corners, she eventually made her way to the Chickenstock Festival of ’69, where 500,000 birds flocked for 3 days of music & peace that would change the world. It was at Chickenstock that she conceived Henrietta in a blur of psychedelic hormones and free love. Hippie Chick, now a mother hen, settled down on a quiet farm in America’s heartland. Now living an unruffled life watching over Henrietta’s chicks, Grandma still embraces her inner bohemian by channeling flower power every day with the groovy music of her summer of love.

Small Squawker
Measures: 8"h x 1.75"w x 2"l
Large Squawker
Measures: 12"h x 3"w x 2.5"l